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It is also not a good idea to dismiss Internet Explorer as "buggy". Understanding the differences in vision between Internet Explorer and Firefox is crucial to writing code that renders well in all browsers. You can support your favorite baseball team without dismissing one or more of the other major league teams as being unable to play. If you were a baseball manufacturer would you decide to make a ball that didn't work properly at Wrigley field because you didn't like the way they hit a home run?

Netscape R.I.P

You also need to take into account older browser versions. It may seem unreasonable to you as a web developer that someone is still using Internet Explorer v 7.0 but many system administrators restrict newer versions of browsers both on work intranets as well as take home laptop computers for security reasons. There are also quite a few people who don't regularly upgrade their browsers. I have looked over Internet log files and seen Internet Explorer v6.0 on a great many occasions even recently. You also cannot rule out that people are continuing to use "dead" browsers such as Netscape. AOL has discontinued further development and no longer offer support on Netscape just in case you hadn't heard. The Internet is about choice. Many are exercising their choices when it comes to the browsers that they use.

My own preference? Firefox. Why? The developer tools really rock my world. I am also passionate about open source software.

I use a great deal of open source tools whilst developing a project. I use Scribus, Core FTP, BSO image resize, Adsen Favicon, button maker V1.0, LiteralMath and Putty as well as other open source tools. Why open source? Go to the people at GNU for an explanation. These people have already summed it up quite nicely.

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For the bulk of graphics work I use Photoshop. It is the best that money can buy. There are also some online tools for graphics that I find to be useful. Picnik has a variety of developer tools that are very useful to a programmer, such as full length website shots. You can also try Browsershots to see what your website looks like in multiple browsers. There are a multitude of tools out there to help you check browser compatibility issues.

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